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What is considered a dig in volleyball?

One may also ask, what is a good dig percentage in volleyball? A good hitting percentage in volleyball is a total of 0.300 and up. Anything over 0.300 is excellent and anything in the range of 0.200 is considered average. The 0.100 total range is slightly below average but still shows that a hitter is scoring for the team.

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Making Volleyball Statistics Simple Keeping Statistics: Attacks Pitfalls * It is NOT an attack if: * There is a bad set * A player passes ball over the net to keep the ball in play * Freeballs * They’re free, SO DO NOT COUNT THEM AS ANYTHING! * Digs to kills * If a dig flies over the net and drops for a point, it is a dig AND a kill

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DI Women's Volleyball News; Michigan State volleyball shocks No. 7 Purdue 3-2 in Cathy George's 300th win; Undefeated season, Big Ten bragging rights on the line in top-10 heavy volleyball weekend

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If you want to break that down further into "good digs" maybe you are looking more in the 40% range (again, as an average, bumping down a little at some levels), and "out-of-system digs" (ie, you are bumpsetting), you are probably down around 25%ish as an average. redbeard2008.

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♦ A DIG is awarded only on an ATTACKED BALL that is: ⇒ dug “up and playable” (anywhere on either team’s side of the net). ♦ BALL HANDLING ERRORS are awarded for DOUBLE HITS , THROWN or LIFTED balls,

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Below is a list of the abbreviations used on VidSwap's system Volleyball Stat Sheets, and the formula used to calculate each stat: - Att% = Attack Percentage By Athlete ( (Kills By Athlete - Attack Errors By Athlete) / Attacks By Athlete) - Hit Eff = Hit Efficiency By Athlete (Kill - Attack Err / Attacks By Athlete)

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An optimal target for a high school team should be a serving percentage above 90 percent with a serving number below two. Winning the serve-pass game is a recipe for victory. Passing is a key skill because it dictates your team's ability to run a successful offensive. Serving is also a critical part of momentum and overall point scoring.

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The No. 9 ranked University of Wisconsin-Whitewater volleyball team extended its win streak to 14 matches Friday night with a 25-9, 25-22, 25-16 triumph against Cornell (Iowa) on Dig Panici Night at Russell Arena. The Warhawks (22-1 overall), who also improved to 14-0 in home matches this season, limited the Rams to a .012 hitting percentage ...