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What's the Call? Serving from the doubles alley

In doubles, the server may stand anywhere behind the baseline between the imaginary extensions of the inside edge of the center mark and the outside edge of the doubles sideline. ADVERTISEMENT (Rule 18)

Tennis Consistency Drills | Doubles Alley

A003. Tennis Consistency Drills | Doubles Alley. Why You Need This: In this video, "Tennis Consistency Drills | Doubles Alley," you'll discover some drills for greatly increasing your consistency. Sometimes we struggle and end up hitting shots to the right or the left... We need a drill that will give us immediate feedback on how straight we're ...

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Clever Tennis Lessons: Working The Alley In Doubles - YouTube

Everyone knows the direction of play in doubles is cross court. So when should you hit to the alley? Here are some strategies to show you when to use the al...

What is the alley in tennis? - Quora

These are in play areas in doubles play (Two person team on each side) but considered out of bounds for singles play, effectively making the court narrower when you have one person basically having to cover the entire width. The narrow strip here is labeled doubles alley, referring to both sides of the court on both ends.

A Diagram of Tennis Court Dimensions & Layout

The space between the singles and doubles sidelines is called the doubles alley. No Man’s Land: 18 feet x 27 feet (486 square feet) If you’re new to tennis, you’ll probably hear someone yell, “Get out of No Man’s Land,” which is the largest box on the court that falls between the service line and the baseline.

What does alley mean in tennis? - Answers

on a tennis court there are 2 sets of lines, one considered the doubles alley and the singles alley. in the singles alley, if the ball goes past that line or past the base line without any sign of...

Fundamentals of Doubles Tennis Tactics and Strategy - Updated ...

Shot placement is even more important in doubles than in singles. In doubles, you want to make extensive use of the doubles alley and target the center of the court to try and cause confusion between the players on the other team. Try to anticipate your opponents’ moves. No, you don’t have to read your opponent’s mind.

Tennis Court Dimensions: How Big Is A Tennis Court? - Tennis ...

The doubles alley is made up of boxes that distinguish a doubles match from a singles match. As a shot is only considered ‘in play’ in this area during a doubles match. They are the long rectangular boxes which run down the side of each side of the Tennis court. The doubles alleys are 39 feet or 11.9 meters in length and 4.5 feet or 1.4 meters in width.

15 Must-Know Tips For Perfect Tennis Doubles - Serve and ...

It means having at least one foot in the doubles alley so you can reach a down-the-line shot in one step. The more your opponent is out wide, the more you must position out wide to shut down the angle.