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Handball Courts have an overall length of 131.23’ (40 m), width of 65.62’ (20 m), and have a total area of a 8611 ft² (800 m²). The goals of a Handball Court are 9.84’ x 6.56’ (3 x 2 m). Handball Courts have a centered Goal Keeper Line at 4.37’ (4 m) from the goal, followed by a penalty mark at 22.97’ (7 m).

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The goal is surrounded by a D-shaped area formed of two quarter-circles, each with a radius of 6 meters (6.5 yards) and using the outer end of the goal post as the center. A short straight line joins the open ends of the two quarter-circles. The only player allowed in the Crease is the goalkeeper defending that goal.

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Mini handball is a modified form of the game for children aged 8‑­11. The game is played on a smaller court: 20‑­24m long x 12‑­16m wide (20m x 13m is exactly one third of the normal handball court).


HANDBALL COURT DIMENSIONS Dimensions. The court is 20 feet wide, 20 feet high and 40 feet long. B. Lines and zones. Handball courts shall be divided and marked on the floors with 2-inch-wide lines. Recommended colors are white or red. The lines shall be marked as follows: 1. Short line. The short line is parallel to the front and back walls.

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National Alliance for Youth Sports - Better sports for kids ...

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These lines make up each players “domain” and are used in rules governing the player’s play area. The standard Inside Four Square Lines are eight (8) feet by eight (8) feet. As mentioned above, courts can vary in size. At a minimum inside lines should be a minimum of three (3) feet by three (3) feet.

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standard 4, 6 or 8 court Hall. Minimum size up to county standard will fit into halls of 8 courts or more. *Minimum sized played off hall walls to fit a standard 4 court hall. Mini Handball courts are also required – 20 x 13m at recreational level.. In both cases, safety runoffs are beneficial but inot a requirement

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Mini Handball adapts the sport to kids using a smaller, softer ball that can be gripped easily and adjusting net and court size. It is also played with 4 or 5 court athletes instead of 6 to give kids more opportunities to touch the ball, and to simplify the game for better understanding.