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1. All players will treat of officials and opponents with dignity and respect. 2. All players, regardless of ability and/or playing time are equal members of the team. Each and every player will... 3. All players will provide maximum effort in practice and games. 4. Attendance at all practices, ...

Expectations Boys’ Basketball - EAST HIGH BASKETBALL

basketball program that practices selflessness, ownership, accountability, and sportsmanship. Meaningful lifelong relationships will be the result of the commitment and dedication all participants (coaches, players, managers, alumni, youth players, etc.) have to one another. Basketball Participation Expectations Program Philosophy

Tiger Basketball Team Rules - Internet Nebraska

Tiger Basketball Team Rules Effort 1. Work as hard as you can all the time. Effort is the basic expectation in all we do; it’s the beginning of everything. 2. Listen to the coaches. Remember that they are trying to help you be a better player. 3. Always run from one drill to another. We’ve got to outwork

Basketball Rules Protocol and Etiquette

players (e.g., -on- basketball) have one more athlete than partner in the game at all times. 3. Teams are divisioned for competition based primarily on ability. In team sports, division assignment is based on the best players on the roster, not the average ability of all players. 4. Team sports must have an adult, non-playing coach.

Team/Player Expectations - Girls' Basketball

The expectations are: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be a Leader. I fully expect the members of this team to represent themselves in such a manner at all times. The coach will give...

Basketball Program Expectations - Saber Basketball

TEAM! Basketball is the ultimate team sport, and success only comes when we play and represent ourselves as a team. This means that no one player will single himself out or draw attention to him by what they do or what they wear. PRACTICE EXPECTATIONS Correct practice gear must be worn at every practice, unless otherwise stated by the coach.


1. Team members should be leaders within the school and outside at ALL times 2. Team members must be respectful to the coaches and players of the opposing team. 3. Players may not show public affection while wearing practice gear or game uniform. Players are representatives of the school and therefore should no player display


Obey the state high school league rules, school rules and rules set by coach. Recognize the fact that because you are a basketball player, you are better known than other students, and because you are on display at all times, your conduct will be praised or criticized sooner than other students both on and off the court.